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Making Kent and Medway Trauma Informed
November 18, 2022
8:30 am

Personal and Organisational Development through trauma-informed training, consultancy and coaching…

Angel Lane work with individuals and teams, organisations and authorities to develop trauma-informed practices and approaches. We see this through a trauma-informed lens, recognising the value of lived experience and expertise in developing authentic, innovative, healing-centred services and interventions.

A key goal of trauma-informed practice is:

“To raise awareness among all staff about the wide impact of trauma and to prevent the re-traumatisation of clients in service settings that are meant to support and assist healing.” - NAPAC
Some of our programmes and projects are highlighted below. Please be in touch to discuss how we can help you, your organisation or setting to develop.  

ACE Ambassador Development Programme

Developed in partnership with KCC Public Health and Health Education England, ACE Ambassadors is a programme to support organisations and individuals to help prevent and reduce the impact of ACEs and trauma. The programme encourages participants towards co-creating innovative services and solutions which recognise and respond to trauma and provide additional support where it is chosen.

Policing and Early Health

Funded by Kent & Medway Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) and together with Tonbridge & Malling Community Safety Partnership, the ‘Policing and Early Health’ project built upon Public Health England’s landscape review ‘Policing and Health Collaboration in England and Wales’. Bringing together policing, early years health, the voluntary sector and communities themselves in open dialogue to generate innovative prevention-focused solutions.

ACE Informed Housing

A partnership between Angel Lane CIC, Sanctuary Group and Kent Housing Group, the project engaged providers of social homes across Kent & Medway in raising awareness of trauma and its impact through a series of events and programmes. Assisting providers and local authorities to form deeper, trauma-informed connections with communities and households leading to greater understanding of childhood adversity as a cause of violence.

Trusted Adult / Community Navigator

Seeking to bridge the gap between those young people and young adults who are involved or at risk of becoming involved in serious violence, and the positive, healthy, skills- and relationship-building activities which support and, we hope, divert them. Promoting opportunities to form meaningful trusting relationships with individuals, groups and organisations at work in our communities through peer-led and strengths-based activities.

ACE Ambassador

Leadership Programme

The ACE Ambassador leadership programme takes 100 days and supports people to learn together, share knowledge and ideas and test out possible solutions to reduce the impact of childhood adversity and trauma.

The approach recognises that reducing the impact of ACEs requires leadership across multiple organisations to support a system-wide shift in thinking and practice. It increases the capacity of practitioners and community leaders to come together to generate positive change.

The programme was developed collaboratively by Kent County Council, Angel Lane CIC and Public Health Academy and we have ran two successful programmes so far.

“The best training I have ever been on. It was interactive, helpful listening to real life stories, relatable to practice and we formed really good professional relationships. I would highly recommend.”

ACE Ambassador, January 2024
“Coaching sessions gave you the confidence to think about ideas and take them forward”
“Everyone has a little bit of the jigsaw of what is happening in that particular locality.”
“The coaching sessions were invaluable, providing me with a creative space to brainstorm ideas and enabling me to develop these into tangible goals and strategies.”
“Enabled me not only to gain greater clarity but also provided me with the encouragement to pursue my goals.”

Find out more

To find out more about these, or to discuss the trauma-informed projects and programmes you may be planning, please get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation.